Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trader Joe's GF flour mix


whole grain brown rice flour
potato starch
rice flour
tapioca flour

It's $4.99 and I tried it out yesterday making pizza.  I got the dough consistency to where it was a bit springy, but I didn't add any yeast this time.  When it was cooked, the texture was somewhat close to the Mama's Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix that we've used before and it came out great.   FYI-Mama's was the best GF pizza mix that we've previously tried out of all of them on the market.

Btw, Trader Joes has a GF list of inventory that they have at the store.  I'm not sure if all of them have it(I'm sure they have to), but the one I went to in La Canada had the list.


Kristin L said...

Hey there! Just stumbled upon your blog. I was curious to know if the Trader Joe's GF products are made in a separate facility than all their other products.


-W said...

I can't remember if they are or not, but in a lot of cases, the products come from Canada. Canada has a lot of dedicated GF production facilities for some reason.

The GF flour mix didn't say anything about it being from a dedicated facility, but the GF oatmeal does mention that on the package. I'm sure you can contact Trader Joe's Corporate to find out for sure.

Not sure about you level of intolerance to gluten, but my wife didn't feel ill or strange after eating the pizza I made.

-W said...

Kristen, btw....I was typing in a rush(and it was really late at night) when I originally created the post, but I had said that TJ sells the GF list. That was a typo. They have the list in the store for free.

Anonymous said...

where can a person buy fresh (not frozen or refrigerated) GF bread in Los Angeles?

-W said...

There are several GF bakeries around LA that have fresh GF bread, but they are really, really expensive.

Trader Joes and Whole Foods carries Udi's(on the baked good racks and not refrigerated or frozen) and their bread is generally the softest and most like regular bread. I'm not exactly sure if it's frozen while in transit though.