Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest article: Fighting Cancer with proper nutrition

J and I eat pretty healthy and we know that food has a tremendous impact on how your body functions.

Here's a guest article by Jillian McKee, whose blog can be found here:

Jillian recently emailed me and asked if she could post an article that she'd written about fighting cancer with proper nutrition, so here it is:

Fighting Cancer With Proper Nutrition

Article by:  Jillian McKee

A cancer diagnosis can be scary and unsettling, but it should not be viewed as a death sentence. Every year, thousands of people are able to beat cancer by putting the disease into remission. Even those who are unable to beat the disease can live productive and meaningful lives with the support of friends and family members. However, dealing with cancer successfully requires the proper nutrition whether a person is undergoing mesothelioma cancer treatment, skin cancer treatment or treatment for any cancer. While good nutrition will not act as a cure for the disease, it can help cancer patients in a number of important ways.

When a person has been diagnosed with cancer, his or her life can change immediately and drastically. The diagnosis will often put life into a new perspective for the patient, and he or she will begin to prioritize life accordingly. Making the body as strong and healthy as possible is crucial for those who have been diagnosed because a stronger body is better able to fight the disease.

A well-balanced diet is key for those who want to go forward feeling as healthy and strong as possible prior to any treatment regimens. For these people, it is important to consume meals that contain adequate amounts of protein and nutrients. Avoiding the proper foods can cause a person to become malnourished. This can lead to a swifter breakdown of the body's systems, particularly when participating in cancer treatments.

Cancer symptoms are known for causing weight loss, making it important for those with cancer to gain proper nutrition. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many patients to develop appetites that give them the desire to eat properly. This is why it is important to modify one's diet so that appetite can be enhanced. For example, a patient should eat several small meals or snacks throughout the course of a day instead of eating two or three large meals. Also, patients should avoid filling up with liquids during meals. Consuming the proper amount of fluids is important, but liquids should be ingested between meals. Additionally, having snacks available that contain large amounts of protein can be helpful. Some include hard-cooked eggs, peanut butter, nuts or nutritional supplements.

Patients in remission need to be aware of nutrition as well. While it can be tempting to revert to bad dietary habits, the proper diet can help to ensure that the cancer stays away for as long as possible. These individuals should try to remain active so they maintain healthy appetites and they should satisfy their appetites with healthy sources of nutrition. As a result, they will feel better on a daily basis while keeping their bodies strong and healthy.

Cancer and nutrition go hand in hand. The disease can have a terrible effect on the human body, but people are able to fight back by consuming a healthy diet. A strong body is one of the most important factors when it comes to fighting cancer and proper nutrition is the best way to make sure that a body has what it takes to fight the disease successfully, regardless of its type.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dominos and 'GF' pizza

So here I am right now listening to ESPN radio and I heard a commercial for Dominos Pizza.  At the very end in a speedy voice, said voice says "GF pizza might be extra" or something to that effect.  I had no idea they even offered one.

Having said that, anybody with any severe gluten issues shouldn't even think about ordering one.  I can almost guarantee that they'll be cooking that GF pizza in the same oven and on the same racks as the regular pizzas(like most places).