Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dominos and 'GF' pizza

So here I am right now listening to ESPN radio and I heard a commercial for Dominos Pizza.  At the very end in a speedy voice, said voice says "GF pizza might be extra" or something to that effect.  I had no idea they even offered one.

Having said that, anybody with any severe gluten issues shouldn't even think about ordering one.  I can almost guarantee that they'll be cooking that GF pizza in the same oven and on the same racks as the regular pizzas(like most places).


Jillian said...


I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


Mike Kaminsky said...
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Mike Kaminsky said...

Hi Jill-

I came across your blog while looking up other gluten free restaurants in Los Angeles (my girlfriend is gluten free). I thought I should let you know that I also own a grilled cheese restaurant in Silverlake and we have had gluten free options since the beginning (vegan too). It is called Heywood and we're at Sunset and Micheltorena. We spent a lot of time finding a local baker who makes good gluten free bread. If you're ever in the area, email me as I would love to get your feedback. We are trying hard to cater to our community and our gluten free friends!

W said...

Hey Mike,

Sorry for the late reply, but if we're ever in the area, I'll stop by. I think I've seen the restaurant while driving on Sunset.

Thanks for stopping by.