Monday, January 11, 2010

More random images

W here.

Yes, there have been a lack of updates! Babydom keeps us quite busy and I'm working in the old neighborhood across town the entire week.

Here are a few random images. Recipes will hopefully come later. Did I mention that we have these huge rosemary bushes at the house as well as a big Meyer lemon tree?

Coconut cake

Huli huli chicken

Fresh sardines, grilled

3 types of heirloom tomato pizza


Clams, shrimp over pasta with white wine sauce

Freshly baked biscuits with homemade peach jam

Lomi lomi salmon

Fresh burdock root with carrots


BBQed(yes, that means low and slow) turkey for Thanksgiving

Pork spareribs, Tennessee style sauce/rub

Italian salad-Fennel and supremes of Cara Cara oranges

Roast with celeriac/parsnip puree and roasted carrots.

That's it for now!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Babycakes Los Angeles

A certain little guy enjoyed his cupcake top from Babycakes. They're gluten free, agave sweetened cupcakes tops are so delicious! It is my favorite thing I have tasted there, for sure. The frosting is thick and sweet. Besides the cupcake tops, I tried two different cupcakes, brownies and banana bread. I was surprised that I liked the banana cupcake more than the vanilla one, it was more moist and flavorful. I tried a couple agave sweetened brownies but they were a little dry for me. The banana bread was good- moist and not too sweet.
When we went we weren't able to find a parking spot on the street (it was the grand opening) but we turned right down Los Angeles st (right after the bakery) and there was a $4 lot. When I go again I hope to find parking on the street. It seemed like there were more vegans than gluten free people. Anyways I really love being able to get gluten free, agave sweetened sweets. Just heavenly!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Babycakes LA Grand Opening

The day was finally here. Babycakes opened up their new location in downtown LA and we went to go try some of their goods. J had already been to the location in NY when visiting family and recognized a few people behind the counter. There was a line and plenty of people taking pictures. I'm guessing food bloggers(obviously).

J will have a short review of the stuff she bought later on today.