Friday, January 8, 2010

Babycakes Los Angeles

A certain little guy enjoyed his cupcake top from Babycakes. They're gluten free, agave sweetened cupcakes tops are so delicious! It is my favorite thing I have tasted there, for sure. The frosting is thick and sweet. Besides the cupcake tops, I tried two different cupcakes, brownies and banana bread. I was surprised that I liked the banana cupcake more than the vanilla one, it was more moist and flavorful. I tried a couple agave sweetened brownies but they were a little dry for me. The banana bread was good- moist and not too sweet.
When we went we weren't able to find a parking spot on the street (it was the grand opening) but we turned right down Los Angeles st (right after the bakery) and there was a $4 lot. When I go again I hope to find parking on the street. It seemed like there were more vegans than gluten free people. Anyways I really love being able to get gluten free, agave sweetened sweets. Just heavenly!


sweetaurae7 said...

I recommend some cookies, cake, brownies or muffing, they have fun doing these little things. I do them in my house with my kids on gluten-free. Comes a gluten-free flour is called Chia Seed Flour is excellent, I recommend it 100%, has omega 3 and many nutrients for children. I was watching on You Tube and have many things to do for children. This company is called Nuchia Foods and you can get easy

Vanessa said...

I frequent Babycakes about once a month. I work about a mile from it and enjoy walking to their store. So far, I love their cinnamon sugar donut holes and their chocolate chip cookies. Have you tried any other bakeries, like The Sensitive Baker in Culver City? i just went today and was amazing.

Check out my blog if you'd like... maybe we can exchange recipes and experiences in Los Angeles?


-W said...

Hi Vanessa,

Sorry for the 9 month late reply, but we've been really busy.

We've gone to the sensitive baker several times over the years and even before they had the makeover. Good place to get a lot of GF products if you're over in Culver City.