Saturday, August 8, 2009

Waitress: 'There's no wheat in there(baguette)'

W here.

So, we had a little incident at the Granville Cafe at the Americana Mall in Glendale a few weeks ago. It was so shocking to me that I almost didn't know what to say.

I'd been working so much that one Friday evening, we'd decided to go out and grab a bite to eat and bring the little guy along. Before we headed out, we were looking around at restaurants with 'safe' GF options. Granville Cafe it was. I immediately didn't like the know the type. Trying to do too much and trying to pummel you into a memorized speech/pretend niceness induced coma. Ok, whatever...I let that go. I ordered a sandwich-which wasn't GF, but I'm not entirely GF(I am 98% of the time though)....J is 100% of course. So, J orders a green salad with shrimp and I think it had feta too. We checked with the waitress about the dressing and explained about J not being able to eat wheat, gluten, etc. It was GF and in the description it didn't say that it came with croutons, so we were good to go. We also ordered some sweet potato fries(which were actually yams) and those were GF as we grilled the waitress about the cooking oil, if it was coated in any flour, etc.

The yam fries were good and tasty. Looking good so far.

About 10 minutes later out orders come out and guess what? 2 big slices of baguette are sitting on top of the salad.

The conversation went something like this:

J(immediately upon seeing the baguette slices on the salad): I can't eat that. I can't eat wheat. I explained that before...
Clueless waitress: Oh, I'll just take it off..
J: No, I already told you, I can't eat wheat and if you just take it off and I eat the salad, I'll still get sick

This is the line that made me a bit dumbfounded and made me wonder how clueless and ignorant some people are.

Clueless waitress: There's no wheat in there

W(extremely dumbfounded and thinking....WHAT THE F..?)
J: YES there is. I can't eat that. That has wheat in it.
Clueless waitress: Ok, I'll take it back to the kitchen and take care of it.

* I've known since I was in elementary school that bread was made of wheat and my mom didn't even bake anything at home at all! Did she think that the bread is it's own entity and just sprouts up from bread seeds in a bakery somewhere? I was really at a loss for words and also started to get very agitated...*

So, ok...this is where I don't really trust some places when you explicitly tell them no croutons, no wheat, etc in the food. I mean, do they really take it back to the kitchen and remake a new salad or just take the bread off and send it right back out? Can you really trust places to do what you politely ask? I'm still not sure. The place wasn't really busy at all, so the line wasn't busy I'm 100% positive. So finally the salad comes back out and not really trusting the kitchen, J just ate the shrimp because they were nowhere near the baguette slices before and they were extra to add to the salad.

$16 for 5 shrimp. What a ripoff! I ate the salad later on after we got home. J had to eat something else.

Oh yeah, my sandwich sucked too. It was a club sandwich and the bacon was cold and dry like it had been cooked way before and left to sit in the fridge. Very disappointing.

So, if you're ever in Glendale and eating at the've been warned!