Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Masterchef:Australia(now US) coming to the US!

We watched the entire season this past summer-there were 70-something episodes!

The main reason why I'm posting about it is because:

1. There is a very specific episode when the contestants are to make a GF cake for the wife. I'll post a spoiler way below.

2. It is a REALLY good show. Probably one of the best reality cooking shows(if not the best) that's available on tv in the entire world.


So, this GF wedding cake challenge was towards the end of the season of Masterchef:Australia. You can imagine our excitement to have heard that and to see how other parts of the world view GF food.

They made a layered GF cake and if I remember correctly, the GF layer was on top. BUT.....ALL OF THE OTHER LAYERS(of non-GF cake) WERE BELOW THE TOP LAYER. can imagine the horror when we saw the contestants cut from top to bottom for each slice, contaminating all of the slices. When they served the cake to the bride, there WAS an entire slice of layered GF/Non-GF cake on her plate. That my GF friends, is NOT GF. I feel that there definitely should have been way more communication about cross contamination to the contestants and it actually irritated me so that I had to go and register on the Australian tv channel's website forum(TEN) and make a huge post about how that cake wasn't GF.

So, there you have it. Now remember, Masterchef:Australia is a really damn good show. If you complain about Masterchef:Australia, well, then you haven't seen most of the reality cooking shows here in the US. They are almost all average/below average with Top Chef and The Next Iron Chef being exceptions. 72 episodes is about 4-5 times more episodes than a regular reality cooking show has in its season-Top Chef for example, which usually has 15-16 episodes per season.

If you're not familar with Masterchef, it's been on in the UK for a very long time. Masterchef:Australia will also feature Matt Preston, a big-time food critic that's been on No Reservations this past season when they visited Australia.

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