Saturday, January 3, 2009

The campaign for real broth/stock!

Ok, I ripped part of that from the Fenwick Arms' campaign for 'Real Gravy' in Lancashire. You may have noticed that for the most part, we've been using pre-made chicken broth in recipes. This was mostly because J was pregnant and could not stand any smells eminating from the kitchen at all. After the first few death threats that were issued to me(without sharp kitchen utensils I might add), I had to switch to pre-made. There's nothing wrong with using pre-made broth if you're in a pinch, but if you have the time(and your wife isn't pregnant any more), then go for the home made stuff. It not only tastes WAY better, you'll know what actually goes in it rather than reading the ingredients on the box. We usually bought the organic, GF kind at Whole Foods or Trader Joes during J's pregnancy.

Fast forward to the present. J's has been limiting her food to certain ones to see if it affects our little guy via breastmilk. So, she's been wanting to eat chicken. She only eats the breast meat since eating anything with any other strange texture grosses her out. I've worked around that a few times already by breaking the chicken down to nuggets, leaving practically nothing on the carcass, dredging it in a GF flour mixture and frying them into tasty little morsels. From that carcass, I have happily been able to make an excellent broth or stock like the old days! For broth, I'll usually throw in a mire poix with the bones, add spices and then let that simmer for hours, let cool then take out all of the fat on top. Otherwise, I'll throw the carcass+bones in the convection oven and roast that for a while, then throw it into a pot with herbs, spices. etc for a stock. The results-An excellent, gelatinous creation that is much deeper in flavor than a store-bought broth/stock.

I'd show a picture, but I already used up a large pyrex of chicken broth that I'd made earlier this week and the other large container is in the freezer.

If you have the time, go for it!

Happy 2009



Simply...Gluten-free said...

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Linda said...

Just discovered your guys are hilarious :)

thanks for all the cool GF recipes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Linda!

We haven't updated it in quite a while b/c of the baby, but I've been taking pictures...I'll update soon!