Sunday, July 6, 2008

Santa Monica Farmers market

Yes, yes....very busy here with the baby coming soon. J hasn't had time to do much. I took a bunch of pictures a few weeks ago of the Santa Monica farmers market on a Wednesday morning. Fantastic produce abound and there is almost everything there that you can think of. Especially right now. You can also see quite a few of the local restaurants buying produce from the various purveyors and why not? This farmers market is one of the best in the entire US. Locals(restaurants and people) should take advantage of that.

One big thing I noticed when we visited Ireland was that most of the produce was imported in from other countries. Avocados from South Africa, grapes from Chile and ...even some stuff from California! I can't even remember everything else. It really made us appreciate how bountiful and accessible the great produce is in Southern California.

I've also bought a dozen, fresh oysters from Carlsbad Aquafarm(Northern San Diego county). They were pretty damn good when I shucked them at home and ate them with a bit of lemon juice. Also picked up some haricots verts last week, which were excellent. I'll upload those pictures later.

Here are the pictures in no particular order: