Monday, April 7, 2008

Skosh Monahans

On a drive back over the weekend from La Jolla, J wanted to stop off at Skosh Monahan's. An Irish pub in Costa Mesa that has GF items on its menu. On the weekends, it opens at 4pm and on weekdays, 5pm. We ordered the items to go and we ordered the GF pizza and the chicken tenders with fries.

So, we really never know what to expect with ordering GF pizza in the states because from our experience, they are all pre-made and bought into the restaurants or stores. Below is the pizza. The pizza below is from the childrens menu, so that's why it's so small. It is soy cheese and it didn't really melt when it was heated up.

The chicken tenders with fries. We both vastly preferred the chicken tenders because of the taste and texture. It's hard to say something bad about a place that does in fact offer a good selection of GF pub grub for the GF crowd and when you go to a pub, you expect pub-level food. So, yes, chicken tenders and fries ruled the evening.

I'm not sure exactly where their family is from in Ireland, but the Monahans were originally from County Roscommon, in central Ireland. J's mother's side is from County Waterford, in southern Ireland.

Here is the link to Skosh Monahan's website where you can see the GF menus: