Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Big Warning About Optimum Health Resources

Two years after giving up gluten I started to get this "eye pain" when I ate certain foods. It took me a long time just to realize that is was foods causing these headaches. Once I did, I spent the next 3 years trying to figure out what foods caused this pain. Other foods would make my nose completely stuffed up. I tried asking doctors about it and I got a xray of my sinuses because for a long time I thought it was my sinuses. It wasn't, at least the eye pain wasn't.

Then this past November I was just so frustrated and desperate with these food triggered headaches I decided to spend the money and get an allergy test. I decided to do the at home finger prick test, a 96 food panel for allergies from Optimum Health Resources ( formerly York Laboratories) The test cost $347. Some websites actually recommended this company (including On Optimum Health Resource's website it says that they were featured in Women's First magazine. So I thought it was a reputable company.

I don't know why I didn't search the forums for reviews like I do before buying anything or going anywhere for a service. BIG MISTAKE on my part. An even bigger mistake not to try to contact them before I ordered the test.

It wasn't until 8 weeks went by after sending the test back ( on their site it says it takes 6-8 weeks to get results back) that I started to do more research on them. Then I found all of the complaints on the message boards of I started to get worried. At this point I called and left a message and e-mailed the company, expecting some response. I received no response whatsoever. They don't actually have a phone number where you can reach someone, it's just a machine. I continued to call and e-mail and leave messages.

On the forum some people said that they did get their results eventually after 12 weeks, so I still had hope, but the weeks kept passing. This all started 6 months ago!! Still no word from them. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and still they did not reply. I urge anyone who is having similar problems with them to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and please contact me. Maybe a group of people with have more impact than just one person.

If anyone has any advice I welcome it. I am not sure what my next step should be to get my money back. Could I take them to small claims court even though they are across they U.S.? Or should I contact a Florida Newspaper/News channel? I have no idea.

Please, Please DO NOT use Optimum Health Resources. It is unbelievable that they continue to take (steal) people's money. They should not be allowed to do business.


laura said...

Wow. This is unbelievable...and truly infuriating...thanks for the the warning.

jill said...

I know I can't believe it myself. Especially that they continue to do business and take money from people!

Becky said...

Thank you for posting this. What a scam !

Anonymous said...

if you're still trying to get your money back you can dispute the charge with the bank as long as it was charged on a card. They'll make you fill out a form and explain that you've tried to contact the company, but you'll get the money back within 10 business days. There is typically a 60 day time limit to dispute a charge with the bank.

Me said...

I am trying to get my money back from them also. Please let us know if you have heard anything

Anonymous said...

I bought 2 kits for my patients. Sent one back months ago, really waiting to find out what my patient can and cannot eat. No news from them. this is really bad, since they are playing with people's HEALTH!!!! I am disputing the charges with PayPal and my bank, but I really wanted a list of food sensitivities. Anyone know of a REAL lab that sends you results???

Anonymous said...

W here(I forgot J's password for blogger). Sorry we haven't replied to any posts for a has consumed us. So, about these crooks- I wasn't able to get a refund because it was over 6 months and I paid with a credit card(Discover). The only reason why I waited so long to dispute the charge was because I thought the test results would come within that time! So, Discover couldn't do anything about it. Discover couldn't get a hold of anybody at Optimum Health Resources and within that initial 6 month period, I emailed, called and faxed them too many times to count without A SINGLE REPLY!

As far as a legit lab goes for Celiac testing, I have no idea if there is one that does it through mail-in blood tests.

Sorry to hear so many other people have been scammed as well and I hope you all can get your money back because these crooks shouldn't be allowed to operate a business like this!


motherof5 said...

I'm so surprised! My experience was nothing like what I've read on this thread. I placed an order with Optimum Health Resource Laboratories this year for their at home celiac test kit. I received an email confirming my order the day I placed it, then I got another email a few days later with the tracking number of my order. I got my kit in the mail and was able to perform the test the very same day. I emailed a question about the results and received a response back the next day. I then called and spoke with a young lady about some more questions I had. About 2 weeks later I decided to place an order for their 96 food allergy test. Like my first order, I got an email confirming my order and another email providing a tracking number. I got my results in about 3 weeks after I mailed my specimen back to them. I called with some questions about my results, which were answered by a very knowledgeable person. Based on my experience I had the rest of my family tested. I would recommend this company to others. I wish everyone the same good fortune I had.