Thursday, March 13, 2008

Peanut-less peanut butter and more food ramblings of strange pregnant cravings..

In a moment of weakness and morning sickness several weeks back I ordered some food from
I like that people rate the products on this online store. So if you live in the boonies and can't find gluten free food, or you are just feeling sorry for your gluten free self and really want to splurge, check it out.

I only ordered from them once before because shipping is expensive and snackie /packaged food is usually unnecessary for me ( and too expensive!) Also I have plenty of Whole Foods around (the one in town is two stories!) that if I feel the need to spend the extra money just to have snack food I can.

But with my morning sickness nothing appealed to me. I longed for real bagels and saltines..
I was hoping to find a bagel- I had a pretty good packaged bagel one time a couple years ago. I got them from a Whole foods in Maryland. For some reason they don't sell many gluten free bagels around here. Of course no bagels compare to the real thing, especially the NY kind so I shouldn't have even tried... I tell you there are a few gluten filled food that I would give my right pinky to eat again whenever I want- those foods are: bagels, pizza and steamed vegetable dumplings (preferably all from NY) Don't even tell me there are good gluten free substitutes for those things, because there aren't. Same with crusty french bread or kaiser rolls, nothing compares. Anyways enough of that tangent...

When I went on I did find one thing that intrigued me- Peabutter. No I didn't forget some letters there, this is actually a peanut butter substitute made from peas. I love peanut butter, but it is one of the several things that I can't eat these days without getting a migraine ( along with sesame oil, coconut, chocolate, some dairy and sunflower oil..)
So when I saw this Peabutter I had to get it, despite the horrifying price. I also got some crackers, which are pretty good but are no where near saltines ( not they were trying to be)
The funny thing is although the above products are good I only ate a few and no more since, with the exception of the Peabutter. I ate that a bunch. It is pretty good but today I saw that Trader Joe's has soy butter that I think I like better and it is a less than half the price, plus it has 7g of protein, whereas the peabutter only has 2.

So anyways that's how things have been with my appetite or lack thereof. We have never had so much food in the house before, because I never know what I will feel like eating until the moment I eat. So I have been buying the strangest things that I never buy- mostly prepackaged things- that you know are expensive and things that make W turn away in horror (frozen meals and minute rice) and the worst thing is I don't end up eating most of it. Here are a few things that I have liked
I can't even tell you how many boxes of waffles I have purchased and how many waffles I have eaten over the past couple months. Lets just say it was my main source of food. I am finally finished with them- sick of them (even though I have two more boxes in the freezer)

This I really love. I previously thought soy was giving me migraines also. But lately I have been fine eating it. This is great because it's not chocolate and it is fruit juice sweetened. I like it. It comes in other flavors also.

The other things I have actually wanted to eat are cucumbers and black bean tacos.. oh and strangely enough these:

Shrimp spring rolls with mustard sauce. Yes they are takeout because I am still not preparing any food and W is too busy. They are easy to make though and maybe soon we will make some. We got this from a Thai place we have been going to for a long time. Today I made a mistake and bought overpriced ones at Whole foods and they totally sucked- way too much,way too green lettuce, no mint, tasteless shrimp and worst of all rice noodles that were hard.

I also enjoyed pad thai (minus peanuts) a couple times, I would love some now, but the second time it seemed to give me a headache.

So the past two days I have hardly been feeling nauseous at all (yay!) and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way. I still don't have an appetite though and many, many aversions. I am 15 weeks now. I am craving corned beef I keep seeing in the fridge, so hopefully I will feel like eating that Irish feast we are planning on for Sunday. I also am really wanting just one cup of black tea with milk.. I wonder if that would be ok. I know caffeine is bad, but maybe just one cup with freckle bread will be fine. :)

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