Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gluten free and hungry in northern NJ?

I've been meaning to write about one more place my gluten free mom brought me while I was visiting them. Janice a bistro is located in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ closer to where they live in Sloatsburg, NY. We actually went there twice while I was visiting for the week. It is just great to go to a restaurant and not have to explain what gluten is. This place can make any of their sandwiches and burgers gluten free. Since I have not found any place in LA that does this I am especially appreciative. The first time we went we ordered penne vodka and a hamburger with fries. The fries were gluten free! After I ordered I got worried that maybe the fries were made in sunflower oil which gives me migraines. My mom asked though and lucky me- they were made with canola oil. We were starved and got bread also- which I wouldn't do if I went again because it was just from a so- so loaf and not really toasted. Ok so please take into account that my taste and cravings may be a little off because I am pregnant and when I went I was 6 weeks- in between really hungry and starting to get nauseous and picky.
I didn't love the penne vodka, to me it didn't have enough flavor and the pasta was too soft (however I must say I enjoyed it cold the next night)

I ended up eating half of my mothers hamburger with cheddar cheese and probably more than half of the fries. It was so good! I really enjoyed it and I am not a big meat eater by any means. That day it was exactly what I wanted.

We went back a few days later with my father (not gluten free) the day I was flying back to L.A. They shared a hamburger and fries and my mom also got a chocolate egg cream that she said was great.
I got grilled cheese with tomato that I dipped in ketchup , it also came with fries. I was in heaven. I practically cleaned me plate and that is so much for me. I never eat that much. But it proved to be a good thing and kept me tided over for the long time at the airport and most of the flight.
If you want a good gluten free burger or grilled cheese with fries and you're in northern New Jersey check out Janice a bistro.

Hey Los Angeles where are you gluten free options? I want to eat a good gluten free sandwich in LA!! Where are my gluten free options in Los Angeles?!
I am still eagerly awaiting yummy cupcake heaven in Babycakes nyc bakery, bringing vegan agave sweetened cupcakes to West Hollywood.. Now it seems I have to wait until June. At least then I will have my appetite back. I'll probably ravenous.. watch out for me Babycakes!


ByTheBay said...

You truly rock! My girlfriend lives in Teaneck and so I spend most weekends down in Northern NJ... Been at a loss for places to eat. This helps! Thanks!

Congrats on your pregnancy :)

jill said...

So glad to be of help!
and thank you for the Congrats

Monica said...

How funny! I live in South Jersey and it is so hard to find GF restaurants around here, so I love going to LA because I find so many more options!

I don't eat meat, but all I kept thinking of while reading this was In & Out Burger french fries... but yeah, no GF sandwiches found yet...