Thursday, January 10, 2008

We're back....

It's been a while since the last post, but we've both been extremely busy with our respective businesses. I'm always driving around for work, so I never really have the time to post anything. Having a blog that consistently has new content certainly is time consuming as a lot of you know. So, this blog hasn't gone away. I will have a really long post about GF food in IRELAND very soon. J and I have gone there twice. Once in 2006 and once in 2007. It's a GF paradise compared to the US.

There's been a lot of gluten-free food that has been made, especially around the holidays. J is going to visit her family in NY this weekend, so she and her mom are going to hit up some GF spots in NY and possibly some other surrounding states.

The following pictures are in no particular order.

The first stop takes us back to San Francisco for J's bday weekend. We tried to look for this place a few years ago, but we had incorrect directions and never found it. That place is Cafe Gratitude.

J mainly wanted to go there for the raw desserts since she loves them. CG uses local, organic, sustainable ingredients from local purveyors and all of that good stuff.

So, this is NOT the outside of the actual Cafe. This is where the food is made(it is then sent over to the cafe), which I will talk about later.

Of course, J's favorite things there. Dessert.

I believe this one was the Coconut cream pie a la mode with vanilla nut milk ice cream.
This is the nut-flour layer cake.

This particular salad is called "I am Fulfilled".

Alright, time to review the food. The was good with one glaring exception. Remember earlier in this long-winded post when I said they made the food off-site? That was a major problem here. The produce was fresh, BUT the dressing that was on a section of the salad was SO acidic and salty that I could barely even eat it. I mean, we're talking the acidity range of a mild drain cleaner here. If I were in a different restaurant, I would have sent it back and asked for a refund. I didn't want to cause a scene and I didn't want to upset J's weekend, so I just ate. J had the same problem with it. Later on, the roof of our mouths were very swollen and felt like we had scalded them eating really hot pizza. I felt the thin layer of skin dangling off of it. That lasted for several days. That's the problem with making it off-site. I can guarantee that the group of people putting the food together didn't taste the dressing and they must have made it in large quantities. If you're making something for people to eat, you have to taste it. If you wouldn't eat it, don't serve it.

The desserts were delicious and so much so that the next morning before we headed up to Muir Woods, J wanted to stop by and get some more to eat as a snack.

I have more pictures, but I'm not going to post them . They are about my visit to the fabulous Swan Oyster Depot and the ridiculously awesome Kumamoto and Blue Point oysters I had for breakfast. I had 2 dozen Kumamotos and dozen BP oysters. I shall be back.

Spaghetti Bolognese made with Turkey and brown rice spaghetti.

Quince with vanilla bean. Delicious.

Potato Leek soup.


Elana's Pantry said...

Your pictures are mouth watering! I love eating at raw restaurants, other than looking out for the nama shoyu (raw soy sauce), it is such a fun and healthy way to go gluten-free.

Your comments about the salad dressing were hilarious. I could not agree with you more about tasting food before it is served...A friend of mine used to tell me that it is "arrogant" not to do so.

Thanks for your fantastic photos and clever writing.


jill said...

Hi, Elana!

Thanks for the comments.

I was really upset at the dressing. I've never eaten ANY dressing that was so acidic before. When the first layer of your skin starts peeling like it just got hit with battery acid, something is wrong.

Well, when home, at relatives, a restaurant, etc. You ALWAYS taste your food before it goes out to be eaten. If you wouldn't eat it, don't serve it to anybody else!

I'm looking at your website now and it has a lot of great recipes and info. I'll be sure to stop on by and say hi very soon.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos and writing as well!