Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gluten free in Spring Lake, New Jersey

While visiting my family in NY , I was delighted to be able to eat some great gluten free food out an about. One place my mother took me to was Spring Lake New Jersey.

First we stopped at a store that is right outside of Spring Lake called Epicure. They had some gluten free things from companies I had never heard of before. We purchased some bread, crumb cake, raviolis and a couple sugar cookies.

The cookies were good.

I was really excited about the gluten free ravioli. We ate them later that night. I used to love ravioli and haven't had any for over 5 years. I loved them

I also enjoyed the crumb cake.

The store owner gave us a great tip...there was a deli nearby that would make up a gluten free sandwich. I was ecstatic and we headed over. It's called Mileto and it is an Italian and Polish Deli.

At first they said they wouldn't be able to make us a sandwich because they had not received their order of gluten free bread from that shop we were just at. But I knew we would be getting a sandwich. I mean, I planned exactly what I wanted the whole way over- a cheese sandwich with tomato, lettuce and mayo. Just like I would eat before I became gluten free. With that freshly sliced stack of deli cheese I knew it would be great....
We were lucky because we had purchased bread at that shop and requested them to make it on that. They were more than happy to.
I haven't been this happy about a sandwich since Ireland at Kilkenny department store, when for the first time I got a gluten free sandwich that tasted good.
They gave us a pickle and coleslaw(gluten free) just like a regular person!
I got my cheese sandwich!

My mom got Gluten free Chicken Parm that was made with gluten free bread crumbs!!

My mom is excited to go back there with my father, so he can get some good old polish food like stuffed cabbage and perogies(I'm assuming they are not gluten free, but perhaps the cabbage is) and they can go relax at the beach.
It is a lovely place, even in the winter


Allergic Girl said...

wait wait where exactly is this magical place??


Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with Mileto deli...technically, it's in Brille, NJ. They have a website:

One of the owners has Celiac disease and they decided to offer all their sandwiches on gluten-free bread. They're definitely got some yummy stuff there! Good luck.

Patricia said...

I tried to find Epicure, to no avail. The phone number is disconnected and the email no longer works. Is this place still around??