Thursday, January 10, 2008

Belated birthday dinner

I'm always really busy working. So much that I didn't get to cook myself the dinner that I had wanted and planned for several weeks. When I finally got around to doing it a week later, I was very happy.

I had a menu of blinis with caviar and creme fraiche along with duck with vanilla sweet potatoes and truffle butter.

I had buckwheat groats that we usually cook and incorporate into Sasha's breakfast. So, I made flour out of some with the food processor and mixed it with a bit of rice flour and other ingredients.

I had never butchered a duck before(I've butchered countless chickens), but it was pretty easy.

The free-range duck and truffle butter. I couldn't find a Muscovado duck, but I bought this one from Whole Foods. A few weeks later, after walking into Bristol Farms, I saw them in the freezer case. Maybe next time.

Ingredients for the vanilla sweet potatoes and tangerine reduction sauce.

Ingredients for the blinis.

Duck in the pan. Remember...cook it medium!

The finished product:


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