Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last weekend, we headed on down to Little Tokyo to pick up some sashimi-grade fish. They had a lot of variety, but I picked up some Japanese Hamachi(Japanese Yellowtail) and Pacific Salmon.

I like a ton of different food, but I'd rather eat something like sashimi any day over anything. Why? Well, the bright and clean flavors for one. None of this soaking in soy sauce to mask the delicate and subtle flavors of the fish. Hardly doing anything to the fish or nothing at all and truly enjoying the unadulterated greatness that is raw fish is another. The more simply you prepare any kind of seafood, the better.

We also picked up some fresh Daikon and Japanese cucumbers. Japanese cucumbers are awesome. They're way more crisp and tasty than the normal ones that you find at stores.

Hamachi. Look how awesome that piece of fish is. I forgot to take a picture of the Salmon, but I trust you've probably seen Salmon before.

I first made a Hamachi crudo. Crudo means 'raw' in Italian and when you see crudo fish, it's usually dressed with some olive oil and some acid to cut through the oil and fat of the fish to bring everything together.

-1 piece of sashimi-grade Hamachi
-1 juice of half a lemon
-1 Tbs of extra virgin olive oil
-sea salt
-Japanese cucumber
-A few capers

I made the citronette with olive oil and lemon juice, mandolined the cucumber. I took my sashimi knife and sliced the lovely pieces of Hamachi. Really basic plating, nothing crazy. Hamachi down first, followed by cucumbers, capers, citronette, sprinkle of sea salt.

The next version was Sashimi and that's just thinly sliced raw fish in Japanese.
-half of a Japanese cucumber
-Wakame seaweed

I julienned the cucumbers and mixed them with the Wakame and some sea salt for a quick cucumber salad. I changed the blade on the mandoline and ran the daikon through it for long strings. It would be somewhat of a garnish, but it's also meant to bring a different flavor element to the dish that would brighten it up a bit since I wouldn't be adding any acid.


That was lunch for that day.

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