Saturday, October 20, 2007

Paupiette of Mahi mahi in a Barolo sauce

W here.

Long time no post. J is really busy with her artwork and it's really exciting to see her work evolving into something that she really likes. I'll probably be the one doing most of the blogging from now on in my limited time.

So, onto the food.

I had been wanting to make this dish ever since I saw it on the menu at the iconic Le Cirque(in NYC) on tv. The dish was created by none other than, Daniel Boulud when he was the executive chef there. They only serve it at Le Cirque to VIPs and it's not even on the menu. Pretty impressive. He is a New York Times 4-star rated chef and multiple James Beard award(amongst many others)-winning chef that has been working in NYC for the past 25 years with several highly-rated restaurants.

Here's Daniel's website:

I wanted to test myself and see if I could make it as well as to make a lower fat version that would still be really tasty for us and J's parents, who just got in today from NY. So, having that idea in mind this morning at the farmers market, I bought ingredients that I needed and I stopped off at the store for some fish. I chose Mahi Mahi for this particular dish. Picking out seafood for me is agonizing. I've been fishing since I could barely walk and I know what fresh seafood is and nobody can fool me into thinking their product is fresh when it isn't. I can spot old fish a mile away.

*Sidebar here for those people who buy those pre-marinated pieces of fish, chicken or beef at the store. Do you know what they slop all kinds of heavy marinades and sauces on those things? Well, those are the products that are about to go bad and they need to mask that from your palate. Think about that the next time you get that hankerin' for the 'Cajun Spiced Captain's Choice' seafood you see at the market. If you have the time, please make your food fresh with fresh products because it makes the biggest difference in the world.*

Oh yeah, we're here to read about Paupiette of Mahi.....I took a leap of faith and went with the frozen stuff because the seafood I saw recently at places didn't really entice me to buy.

We also saw some really nice pomegranates and I wanted to do a pomegranate salad to go along with the fish.

Here are some pictures:

Those 2 large fruit to either side of the pomegranate are called 'Sapotes'. The small fruit are pineapple guavas. I've never had those before. My parents always had strawberry guavas in the backyard, growing on the tree.

Pomegranate close up.

The ingredients for the dish.

Barolo, an Italian wine with some chives, shallots and leeks peering at you.

Pomegranate salad.

At long last, the paupiette of mahi mahi.

Sorry for the blurry picture...I has to snap the picture really fast because I didn't want to the fish to go cold. 4 servings was a good amount of work.

The recipe is on Chef Boulud's website and it came out awesome!

My potatoes weren't as browned as how they really should be and that's because I used Ghee. I used 4 teaspoons(20 grams of fat) of ghee for the entire dish.

-1 tsp to cook the shallots, mushrooms and leeks
-2 tsp to cook the paupiettes
-1 tsp to finish the Barolo sauce, which is called 'monter au beurre'. All French restaurants do that to any sauce. Just remember that when eating out :)

The original recipe uses 13 tablespoons(195 grams of fat) of butter! For those who are measurement-challenged, a tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons. I also used a tablespoon of coconut milk instead of heavy cream. This particular coconut milk had 2.5 grams of fat per tablespoon and heavy cream has 5 grams of fat per tablespoon. So, more fat cut out there.

The original recipe also says to strain the sauce, but I didn't because I really didn't want to throw away the fresh mushrooms and shallots I bought at the FM. So, this was a bit more rustic.

Good results tonight and this is something I'll definitely be cooking again to perfect the way I make it. The potatoes were cooked nicely, the fish was very tender and moist. The sauce with leeks beneath it all was delicious.

More soon.


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