Friday, October 12, 2007

New Gluten Free Trader Joe' Products

I noticed Trader Joe's now has gluten free granola and gluten free gingersnap cookies. I didn't try either since I can't have the sugar. Still it's cool that they are noticing the gluten free market.
I haven't posted much because I have been spending all of my time on my artwork and getting ready to make prints and set up my online shop. I am so excited!
Also I have been still going strong on my all sugar free candida diet. It is going good. I can't believe how much my body felt the withdrawal of sugar especially because the only sugar I had was honey, agave, maple syrup, dried fruits and fruits. I had a kinds of symptoms and was kind of surprised. It just reinforced how sensitive my body is to sugars. I have also been trying to figure out what foods I am intolerant to by rotating them and watching my symptoms. It's not that easy to figure out this way. But so far I am sure that at this time soy, chocolate, peanuts and sesame oil and possibly walnuts give me migraines. Brown rice in any form gives me acid reflux and makes my throat hurt as does coffee. Dairy makes me congested and makes my skin break out as does sugar. Ah, do you want to be me ? :)
Actually all this doesn't even bother me. I don't feel like "poor me" at all. I am just glad I am trying new foods and so many of them are delicious like those turkey lettuce wraps or those buckwheat carob pancakes or that pumpkin squash and sweet potato soup. I feel like I am cooking better than ever. I am learning that when cooking farm fresh foods and "healthy" foods spices are key- the fresher the better and freshly roasted and ground the best. Maybe in the future I'll get a chance to post some photos and recipes.
Be healthy!


weslouie said...

I have to comment about those turkey lettuce wraps that J made the other day.

When I ate them, I was almost knocked onto the floor by the gargantuan amount of flavor that was in that turkey. It was incredible. So incredible that J was nice enough to replicate the dish an hour or so later so that I could bring some to work with me.

It tasted just as great the next day.

We use all kinds of spices and herbs all the time. We have so many because we cook all kinds of cuisine from all over and it's really nice to experiment with different flavor combinations.

Spices can definitely elevate a normal-sounding dish into something exciting and magical to the palate.

Karina said...

Hey there- Thinking of you (and understanding exactly what you're going through!).

Hang in there, Babycakes! ;)


Anonymous said...

trader joe's pacific southwest has great new flourless chocolate walnut cookies