Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just attach me to an IV and call it dinner (+ no sodabread for me but maybe for you)

I am writing from behind the fog of clogged aching ears, clogged sinuses and nausea. No I'm not sick. Is it allergies? Maybe. It all started on Saturday when I decided to try and bake Irish Soda bread.

Gluten a Go Go is having a Baking Bonanza and I thought I would participate. I had made this recipe before and it turned out great, even non-gluten free people loved it. I got the recipe here and just substituted Bob's Red Mill Bread mix ( minus the yeast packet) for the flour. It is so easy and so good. Not your normal sweet with raisins soda bread, this is more like a brown bread.

So anyways, this time since I am trying to avoid dairy I wanted to substitute the buttermilk. I read a bit about it and found some people mixed soy with some lemon juice and let it sit a couple hours. I also read that this worked well because of the high protein content of soy. But soy is one of those other foods that seem to give me migraines. I went to the store looking for a alternative dairy free milk with a high protein content. Turns out the nut milks and rice milk have none or very little . Hemp milk had the highest amount so I got that. In the past it seemed like I could tolerate small amounts of soy so I decided to do half soy and half hemp milk mixed with 2 TB of lemon. Now for the flour -I didn't want to use the normal Bob's Red Mill because it has tapioca starch and potato starch, which I found out from Gluten a Go Go may not be great for cholesterol. Since we just found out Wes has very high cholesterol I mixed some different flours- like sorghum, brown rice, arrowroot, garbanzo and arrowroot. Anyways final result turned out ok, not great and W could really taste and smell the garbanzo and didn't love it. I also noticed after eating a lot I felt really spacey and got a headache. Could it be the soy? Argh.

On Sunday I tried another recipe and changed the flour amount- used more sorghum and used coconut milk instead of soy. This turned out even worse. I found out that sorghum is very gritty. So now I had these two loaves of soda bread that weren't good. I hate wasting food so I kept eating them anyways. Besides I wasn't sure it was from that, maybe I was coming down with something. But I really have not been feeling well as I keep eating it. Today I ate some and felt so nauseous right away. I also have been using stevia and am pretty sure that is giving me headaches because today after I drank a tea with the stevia I got a headache and my ears felt really clogged straight away. But I started not feeling great before I used the stevia also.

Jay-sus I can't stand all this. Now from reading this Candida book and reading over Gluten Free Goddess' post about her allergy testing I realize how food allergies are formed. So be careful with all those brown rice products gluten free kids!
Argh.. it can be really frustrating and I don't even want to think about it anymore I wish I could just attach myself to an IV call it dinner. that commercial. But really I don't want that. I love food. I just need to figure which foods are making me feel crappy so I can try to avoid them once and for all and start experimenting with what I can eat.


Karina said...

Oh no- I *so* feel your pain! I am beginning to suspect an allergy to sorghum flour (every time I bake with it I get congested).

Frustrating- learning to rotate foods now so I don't develop new allergies. I relied so much on brown rice when I was first diagnosed (and took bromelain and papaya enzymes and cooked with almond flour thinking that was healthy) that I now am allergic to them all.

I wish doctors better understood how celiac damages the gut- maybe if I'd been told to rotate foods every four days back then- when I was at risk- I might be able to tolerate more foods today.

Ack. Hang in there! xoxo


Sheltie Girl said...

Jill - I'm sorry you are feeling so unwell.

Maybe you should go and have some allergy testing done. You could have a sensitivity to sorghum or hemp milk or the soy milk. Unfortunately, until you start baking with the alternative flours or milks or sweeteners you won't know if you are going to have a problem with them.

There are other options to dairy-free milk besides soy, hemp and almond. You can make a dairy free milk out of almost any nut or grain. For example, you could make milk out of certified gluten free oats, millet, or quinoa. I've made milk out of chia seeds that wasn't too bad when I put cinnamon in it.

Many of us who are GF have other health or food issues. Because of my own "other" issues I try to rotate the alternative flours in my cooking as I have a severe allergy to grasses. I could easily develop a problem with many of the flours that are gluten free. In my cooking experimentation, I've found I can't eat amaranth and I can have some sorghum, but not a lot.

Sorry to run on so long, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

jill said...

Karina- Thanks for you support. I know I wish I knew how bad it can be to eat so much of the same thing but now I know so I'll move foward :)
I definitely feel less alone about this when I look at your blog!

Sheltie, thank you so much too. I do think I need to have the allergy test. I am pretty sure hemp and soy both bother me. Oat milk is an idea but I think I heard it's kind of gross. I am going to try to always alternate now.
Thanks guys! I am feeling better today so far.