Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Frustrations of being gluten free and having multiple food intolerances

A couple weeks ago I wanted to go out to dinner and was looking for some place to go. I just got so frustrated that I had to spend so much time looking. I long for the time I would just get up and go and eat anywhere. I got so annoyed and frustrated I just gave up on going out. You see more and more it seems that it's not just gluten that bothers me. Other things also do now . I am still trying to pin them down but it seems like soy, peanuts, sesame oil, maybe walnuts and dairy also bother me. Mostly they seem to give me this eye pain or migraines. Other times they just seem to make me really nauseous.
What is going on with me? I see a future of never going out to eat and starving when I travel.
I got a book this weekend though- on Candida. I feel like I have learned more from this book than from any gluten free book so far. So many gluten free books are built around baked goods. I mean this makes sense because it is the one food that Celiacs seem to miss and crave. Gluten free people go gaga over gluten free baked goods. I know I used to feel the same way. I wish I could eat all those pre-made gluten free cookies, cakes and breads. But I can't partake because I have been avoiding sugar for a couple years now and most gluten free products have sugar- even breads, bagels and muffins. Plus the fact is I really don't want to eat tons of baked goods, I didn't before I went gluten free so why should I now? Anyways what I have learned from this book The Yeast Connection Cookbook, is that most people with Candida develop food allergies. This is because a leaky gut allows teeny tiny particles to enter the body and then the body reacts against it, causing an allergy. So it is suggested to rotate your diet every four days to prevent allergies from developing. I wonder if this could possibly be the case of some people with Celiac disease. Many people with Celiac seem to be fine eating anything as long as it's doesn't have gluten. I am totally jealous of these people, at the same time I think a bunch of celiac people develop other food allergies. Anyways in a way I am kind of grateful, it's like my body is forcing me to be super healthy and I feel good about that. It's all about simplicity and going back to the basics of pure gluten -free grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes and sometimes maybe organic natural meats and fish. I am sure I will learn more, I just started to flip through this book. There are more books out there on Candida but this was one of the only ones the nearby Barnes and Nobles store had.
I also found a website that has helped me find recipes and feel less alone in this - It has a forum where people post yeast free meals, most but not all is gluten free and sugar free. Just how I like it.. er need it to be for me. I guess my diet and this blog is more of a healthy eating blog now rather than a gluten free one. Maybe I should change the name. It's going to take me a while to get used to these alternative grains, but when I do I will post up recipes.

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Katie said...

Totally been there, just giving up. I am only gluten free but have never felt back to 100% after going gluten free 2 years ago...I fear I might have other intolerances or allergies but resist getting tested for the inconvenience it will cause me! Plus, I always remind myself, I don't feel I did with gluten...I just don't feel great. And that's ok, right? I haven't really read on into detail...did you ever find out what all your allergies or intolerances were besides gluten?

Katie :-)