Wednesday, September 5, 2007

TJ's Gluten free pancakes taste test .....AND is micro popcorn a tasty snack or toxic treat?

Trader Joe's now has gluten free, frozen waffles. TJ's seems to be increasingly aware of the gluten free market. I can also get gluten free waffles, gluten free brown rice tortillas and gluten free pasta at my Trader Joes.

These gluten free pancakes are really tasty! Better then the ones I've made in the past. I toasted it in the toaster oven. They are teeny but really moist. I enjoyed them. The only thing I don't like about them is they have sugar and soy both of which I try to avoid. Not the healthiest breakfast but a good snack once in a while when in a rush.

Am I a sucker for any product with the words "gluten free on it?" Not usually, actually. I try not to eat sugar ever so its rare for me to be buying ready made cookies, waffles and breads. It seems like ready made gluten free products always have sugar. Maybe its just that all ready-made products gluten free or not have sugar. Anyways, I generally find it much cheaper and much healthier to make all food things from scratch. I think I learned this from my mom who made everything from scratch- pancakes, waffles, muffins, cakes and they were always delicious. Never was there a mix in our house.

We also never had a microwave. So, when I was 11 and we were on vacation in Florida and staying in a condo with a microwave I was excited to try microwave food. Yes, I was actually excited, hoping for some tasty junk food. So, I picked out frozen pancakes and couldn't wait until the next morning to try them. But they were a huge disappointment- rubbery and tasteless. My desire for microwave food and the feeling I was missing out ended right there. I still don't have a microwave and I don't see any reason to get one.

A couple times my husband and I moved into apartments with a built-in microwave, but we would hardly use it except to make popcorn, yum that stuff is good....

But After reading a story I saw on the yahoo front page I am glad we don't have a microwave to make that tasty popcorn. It seems the chemicals on them can be toxic. People in the factories who make that popcorn have sometimes been developing health problems. Now there has been a case of a man with lung disease seemingly caused by eating several bags of microwave popcorn a day. Those strange chemicals in processed food is another reason to make food from scratch whenever possible. Here is the whole story:


-W here. I just tried one and it was good for what it was. Like J said, we rarely buy anything that's pre-made. We were discussing why they were moister than the ones we make with just white rice flour and it simply has to be the various types flour they use as well as sugar. The types of flour they use are:

tapioca, rice, potato and soy.

We can easily get all of those as we have all of those types except for soy flour, so we might have to experiment with some pancakes very soon.

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lisadazz said...

I just tried the TJ gf pancakes. They are indeed excellent, but what's up with all the sodium??? (870mg per serving!!!)
If I had noticed the sodium content earlier I never would have purchased them. Now I will have one a week until I finish them, and then forget they even exist. Too bad. :(