Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photos: A morning at the Farmers Market

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you're not used to seeing the variety of fruit and vegetables here, it'll probably make your head spin.

Here's a link to the Farmers Markets in the LA area:


Going to the farmer's market always makes me feel so lucky to live in Los Angeles. There are so many different fruits and vegetables, many of which I have never seen before, and it's is all so abundant and of great quality! Another great thing is that so much of it is organic and most seems to be pesticide and chemical free even if they aren't "officially"organic.
This is from the above website

"Q: Why should I shop at the Farmers' Market?

A: There are many good reasons to shop at farmers' markets! You can purchase fresh produce directly from the farm, eliminating the middleman or the long transportation routes between the farm and the consumer. Farmers' Markets often offer quality produce at cheaper prices because the farmers can set their own prices and don't have to go through other people or grocery stores. You may be able to find specialty items that you wouldn't find at a regular grocery store, such as persimmons, lemon cucumbers, or Asian pears!

When you visit a Farmers' Market, you are helping to build community, because the markets are a hub of activity, providing a space for community members to interact. And finally, shopping at a Farmers' Market allows you to connect to your food much more personally than you can at a larger supermarket. At a Farmers' Market, you buy from people who have a personal commitment to the produce you consume. You become more aware of the growing process when you personally pay a farmer who has grown the tomatoes that he/she is selling you."

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