Friday, September 14, 2007

Recipe: Mango on sticky rice

This is possibly my favorite food to eat right now. There is just something about the rich coconut with the sweet mangos and the rice with salt that I just love. We had this last night for dinner even though it's a Thai dessert. My dad taught me that sometimes it's good to eat dessert for dinner, besides I don't add the sugar to this recipe. Instead I just used a little ( maybe 1 TB) agave nectar. There are so many different versions of this dessert.
I just cooked the rice in the rice steamer since I don't have a traditional rice steamer. There was some left over water I had to pour out but it still turned out really good. You can also substitute sushi rice but it may not be as sticky .
Here is one easy recipe where you make the rice in a pot

also I found this site that I really like because it breaks down how much it cost to serve.

That recipe is a little different more like coconut rice with mangos instead of sticky rice with mangos. Both are probably good. The first is more traditional I think.

Here is one more link for this and more Thai recipes


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