Saturday, September 29, 2007

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Inn of the Seventh Ray

So, we've been here numerous times throughout the past several years and it's one of our favorite places to go eat out. It's probably J's favorite place with Cilantro Live(Raw food restaurant in San Diego) coming in at a close second. The main reason why we like going is because of the food that is on the menu as well as the ambiance. The restaurant is up in the hills of Topanga Canyon, next to Malibu, off of Pacific Coast Highway. Most of everything on the menu is grown organically and local farms are sourced for product.

The last time we went was in July and there was a new head chef and a few new menu additions/subtractions as well. Even though we didn't have any this time, they also have naturally raised meat . For Holidays they have a special seven course menu with your choice of either vegan or meat. We came here last year for Thanksgiving, since J loved it so much when she went the previous year with her parents.
Here's the entrance to the Inn:

There's J fitting in seamlessly with the beautiful surroundings of the Topanga woodlands.

So, we ordered several appetizers and some a la carte items in order to taste different things we've never had here before since the new chef added some things to the menu.

-Cantaloupe Gazpacho: This is from the raw food menu. It was very light but good.

-Goat Cheese Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Red cabbage marmalade and apricot puree. Great flavors, sweet, savory all in one:

-Canapé of Macadamia "cheese" with hemp flax crackers. This also was from the raw food menu The "cheese" had great texture but not much flavor, the reduction was good:

Risotto with Chantrelle mushrooms and an infused balsamic reduction. This was so good- very creamy:

Hmm...what to get for dessert?

J loved the
Carob Ganache in cinnamon with a powdered almond coconut crust and fig fool. This was also from the raw food menu:

I went for the Florentino ice creams. Lavender Honey Vanilla, Espresso-Espresso and Marscapone in a pine nut filo basket with fresh berries. Sorry, but unfortunately, the filo wasn't gluten-free. You could order any of ice cream without the filo. They were all soo tasty.

Everything was really good, served in a timely matter and service was good. The only thing that would have made it better was if we actually had some rain once in a while so that the creek that's right next to the Inn was flowing. But, hey....that's So Cal for you. Also since J ate from the raw food menu she was starving still and had to eat as soon as she got home.


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