Sunday, September 23, 2007

Farmers Market trip part 2

This is another Farmers Market trip, but this particular Farmers Market in Alhambra caters more to the Asian community in Alhambra and in the surrounding cities. You'll find Asian vegetables here that are staples in different Asian cuisines that you won't find anywhere else except for the Farmers Market in Chinatown(not counting the Asian markets).

I also took pictures of some of the other things that are starting to come into season that people might be more accustomed seeing.

Different varieties of grapes and pomegranates.

These enormous things next to the watermelons are called 'Winter melons' or 'dong gua' in Chinese. They are used primarily in soup and I've eaten my share when I was growing up.

These guys below are called 'Bitter melons'. They are really bitter and they aren't cooked with any other vegetable. They are usually paired with pork or they are used in soup.

I couldn't resist the freshly roasted peanuts, so I grabbed a bag on the way out.


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