Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coconut rice and shrimp topped with pineapple salsa and toasted coconut

So if you think that recipe sounds or looks good then this is kind of a tease. I'm not going to give any recipe because it was missing something and totally unbalanced. Maybe once I modify it I'll put it up a recipe.
I wanted to write about coconut rice though because alone it is sooo good.
Here is a recipe and a great blog
When I made the coconut rice I just put in the coconut milk, water, rice and a pinch of salt all into the rice cooker.
Ok. So coconut milk is very high in saturated fat BUT it just may be the good kind easily metabolized with beneficial properties. I hope so! Read about it here.


-W here. Let me clarify what she meant by unbalanced. The coconut rice is really, really good. has a subtle taste. The aroma is fantastic. It doesn't knock you on the head with coconut flavor. So, when combined with stronger flavors such as the pineapple, serrano chile and onion, you can barely taste the delicate flavors of the coconut rice. I thought of a way to get that coconut flavor to stand out a bit more and that involves spooning some coconut milk on top of the rice right when it's about to be served. That way, you get a more intense coconut flavor and that will also balance out the flavors as well as the serrano chiles if they're too hot for you.


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